DCL - Disney Cruise - Nautical Map X Marks the Spot Wavekeeper™ - Wave Phone Holder - Images may include Jake and/or Captain Hook!
Nautical Map X Marks the Spot Wavekeeper™
Nautical Map X Marks the Spot Wavekeeper™

Nautical Map X Marks the Spot Wavekeeper™

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No more worries about being charged $250 for a lost or damaged Wave phone!

My handmade Wavekeeper™ phone holders are made specifically for Wave phones!

Protect that phone from damage and loss!

- Padded pocket for the Wave phone
- Separate pocket for your KTTW card
- Carabiner to clip it to your beach bag, belt loop, or lanyard

*The Wavekeeper™ you receive will be the pattern shown, but not necessarily the same layout (may or may not have Jake and/or Captain Hook visible), lining, or carabiner color. If you prefer any specific layouts or colors, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you!

Please note! There are currently two different types of Wave phones on the Disney ships. The original Wave phones are just over 5" long and the newer version is just about 6" long and may or may not have a clip on the back. If you have a phone with a clip, place it in the holder backwards as shown in photo. New style phones without clips and old style phones can go in holder either frontwards or backwards. :)

Please check my other listings for different patterns!

These also hold iPods!! Use it for your cruise, then use if when you get home to hold your iPod and remind you of your cruise!

Let me know if you'd like one in a pattern I don't have listed and I'll see what I can do!

**Wooden Wave phone and KTTW card not included!

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