Carnival Cruise Light Card®
Carnival Cruise Light Card® card key switch activator

Carnival Cruise Light Card®

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Several Carnival cruise ships use card key switches to conserve energy in guest cabins.

The Carnival suggestion is to use one of your room keys - which often results in a forgotten key when leaving the room.

So I have created the Light Card® card key switch activator!

It consists of a PVC card with artwork printed directly on the card (making it waterproof & long-lasting!) and a magnet on the back.

Put it in the slot while you're in the room, and then pull it out and use the attached magnet to hang it on the wall above the slot while you're out.

No more forgotten room keys!

~~Important! Be sure to remove completely when you leave, as stateroom hosts are in the habit of grabbing the card in the slot on the way out and in their haste may inadvertently take yours!

~~Also, be sure to hang on the wall above the card slot and not on the door - the motion of the door can cause the cards to slide and possibly fall off.

Can be used over and over for all your cruises using card key switch technology, and hung on your fridge as a memento in between!

Customer Reviews

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Amy Wyand
Great idea!

Won’t leave my room key in the light switch spot again! Thanks!

T Jones
Cruise light card

Can’t wait to use it! Love the magnet to put it by the light!

Looks perfect

Can’t wait to use it on the cruise this November! Arrive super fast

Great item

These will come in handy for our cruise in a couple of weeks. Was shipped quickly, and good quality!

Love these

I can’t wait to use these when cruising returns. Now I don’t have to worry about leaving my card in the light socket or bringing an old card. Love the way these can hang right there by the socket when not in use. Probably will order more for gift exchanges if cruising is given the green light to go.