Cruise Magnetic White Board - Keep Calm and Cruise On

Cruise Magnetic White Board - Keep Calm and Cruise On

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Cruisers love to leave notes for friends and family with this white board door magnet!

Since cruise doors are small and packing space is limited, I have created these perfectly sized and easily packed cruise white boards!

The entire board is a magnet - or the entire magnet is a board - depending which way you look at it!

Either way, the magnet doesn't fall off, so it stays in place much better than bulky white boards with magnet strips stuck on the back!

Measuring in at 5" x 7", this memo board leaves plenty of room for your other fun door magnets while still providing ample note space.

Included white board marker has a magnet on the cap that holds it firmly on the door. (Please note, the marker will not stick to the white board itself due to the white board coating; it is meant to be hung on the door beside or above the white board. :) )

Decal is laser-printed waterproof vinyl.

And last but certainly not least, it's size and flexibility make it easy to pack away for future cruises!

Perfect inexpensive cabin gift for onboard gift exchanges!

*Please be aware that some concierge/suite class cabins have a wood laminate over the doors, making them very difficult to decorate with anything but the strongest of magnets. Although these boards are strong car magnets, sadly, they are not strong enough for laminate doors.


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