Lanyard  - Classic Mickey

Lanyard - Classic Mickey

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I love using a lanyard for my KTTW card on my Disney cruises and trips, but I have a sensitive neck and all the ones I had found were so scratchy! :(

In looking for a solution, I found great ribbon and fun keyrings and made these!

The Classic Mickey version is perfect for your Disney cruise or trip! It features Mickey and the words "Classic Mickey" alternating on a white background!

These are made with soft grosgrain ribbon and the pouches are heavy, not flimsy.

Standard pouches must be removed from the ring in order to put your KTTW card in, meaning there is no way your card can accidentally slide/fall out!

Ziploc pouches seal securely and are best for when you need to remove your card frequently.

Available in both child (30" loop) and adult (36" loop) sizes.

Perfect gift for those you know heading out on Disney trips or cruises!


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